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A Steinbach nutcracker is a symbolic figure, one that gives happiness to your home and family.

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  1. Tyrolean Santa Nutcracker ES1762S

    Tyrolean Santa Nutcracker ES1762S


    Steinbach Nutcrackers are the most cherished nutcrackers in the world and are handed down generation after generation. The Steinbach family started making nutcrackers in 1832 by purchasing a timber yard and operating a wood sawmill, which ran initially by water power and then by steam power. Learn More
  2. Grandfather Frost Nutcracker ES895

    Grandfather Frost Nutcracker ES895


    This nutcracker represents the frosty image of the traditional gift giver. Learn More
  3. Scottish Santa Nutcracker ES1829

    Scottish Santa Nutcracker ES1829


    In 2000 Steinbach released into the Christmas Legends Nutcracker Series, Duncan the Scottish Santa (ES1829). Duncan made waves with his sporty kilt, bagpipes and festive red hat. Learn More
  4. Bavarian Santa Nutcracker ES1827

    Bavarian Santa Nutcracker ES1827


    “Frohe Weihnachten (Happy Holidays)”, chimes the happy Bavarian Santa (ES1827). This German inspired nutcracker version of the Father Christmas figure is the sixth edition to the Steinbach Christmas Legends Nutcracker Series. Learn More
  5. Pere Noel Nutcracker ES1822

    Pere Noel Nutcracker ES1822


    Another enchanting addition to the Steinbach Christmas Legends Nutcracker Series appeared in 1998 in the stately and elegant figure of Pere Noel (ES1822). As the French interpretation of the Jolly Saint Nick or Father Christmas figure, he brings tidings of joy and good will to all during the holiday season. Learn More
  6. Czech Santa Nutcracker ES1765S

    Czech Santa Nutcracker ES1765S


    Dressed in a red, black-and-gold-trimmed gown, a red and golden crown, and a royal blue cape, this Santa hails from the Czech Republic, where Christmas is a peaceful time, celebrated over three days. Learn More
  7. Swiss Santa Nutcracker ES1764S

    Swiss Santa Nutcracker ES1764S


    The 15th in this ever popular Christmas Legends Series of nutcrackers by Christian Steinbach depicts the Swiss Santa. Learn More
  8. Scandinavian Santa Nutcracker ES1837

    Scandinavian Santa Nutcracker ES1837


    The seventh addition to the Christmas Legends Series as we celebrate with this Scandinavian Santa. Learn More

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